ADVANCED: Essential Skills – Workout 1

We are so excited to announce that the Very First Full Length ‘Practice-Along’ Workout for Advanced drummers is finally available. This 21-minute Workout targets all of the essential skills that you need for most modern musical situations, and introduces some of the more Advanced Concepts used in todays modern drumming.

Using this daily will keep your Chops in shape, including: Hand & Feet Rudiments, Drumset Motion, Linear Coordination, Rhythmic Vocabulary, 4-Way Independence, Groove Playing, Fills & Soloing & more.

Each exercise is explained in detail in the ADVANCED: Essential Skills – Workout 1 Course. Available to all Members now. The exercises can be practiced with Videos at various tempos in order to assist you in being able to Full 21 minute workout at Full Speed. Please comment and let us know how you go with the Workout, and discuss on the Facebook Group Page.


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